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Hills District Plumbing is the top plumbing company ready to help with all of your plumbing needs. We are experts in all plumbing areas and they will work with you to find the best solution for you and your home.

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No job is too great or small for the highly skilled team. By using their expert industry knowledge along with top tools and equipment, you will get the best in high-quality results and permanent solutions for all of your plumbing emergencies and appliance upgrades both domestic and commercial. Our local team in in Hills District are fully licenced with over 15 years experience in all plumbing and gas plumbing. 

We offer upfront, fixed pricing on all plumbing repairs, installations and replacements. There are no surprises and hidden fees with the team. They will take the time to fully investigate and diagnose your plumbing issue and create a tailor-made server plan that works best for you and your home. There are no hidden fees or costs, just honest plumbing and high-quality results. The team are experts in:

Blocked Drains- From a blocked kitchen drain to an overflowing stormwater drain, our team of plumbers will clear your blockage using top of the range high-pressure jet blasters and CCTV cameras to inspect the pipework and ensure the blockage is cleared all the way through.

Blocked drains can happen for a number of reasons and it is Hills District Plumbing’s mission to find the source of the blockage and find the best solution to clear your blocked drain effectively and permanently.

Storm Water Drains- A blocked stormwater drain can be a nightmare. Its unhygienic and can ruin the foundation of your home and disrupt the other plumbing in and around your home. Stormwater drains become blocked due to pipes becoming cracked and defective due to tree roots inside the pipework and build-up of debris being washed down the drains and becoming stuck in the pipework.

Blocked Sink Drain- If you notice your kitchen sink drain is a little smelly and water seems to be draining a little slow, your sink may be blocked, mostly due to grease and food items. Your reliable plumbing team will clear your blocked sink drain efficiently and get it working as it should.

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