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Gas is used in different parts of your home. From heating your water supply and living space to powering your stoves and ovens.

You wouldn’t be able to imagine doing every daily task such as cooking and showering without using gas as your heating source.

Having been a local gas fitter in Hills District since 1996 we know the area like the back of our hand. Hills District residence, homeowners, and businesses have demanded quality work for decades. It's why we're trusted, and known for our quality work.

Gas Fitting Hills District

It is becoming a popular energy source due to being cost-effective and gentler on the environment and households are switching from electric to gas to run their appliances.

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For all new gas connections, installations and works that involve gas, the help of a licenced gas fitter is needed as they fully qualified to carry out all gas works.

Gas fitters are licenced to carry out such works as gas leak testing and gas leak repairs, gas appliance installations and conversions, installation of gas meters and installing LPG gas bottles in your home.

You may think that all plumbers are able to carry out gas works but in fact, not all plumbers are licenced gas fitters. It is important to find out from your plumber if he is licenced to carry out all gas works in your home and business.

Failure to have a gas fitter licence is illegal and potentially dangerous if gas works are carried out without specific training and qualifications. Don’t risk having your gas plumbing carried out by an untrained and unqualified plumber.

We are fully licenced and experienced gas plumbers in the area at all times. They are expertly trained to service your home and business of any gas plumbing you need.

If you need a new gas oven installed, if you suspect that you may have a gas leak or you are looking into getting an upgrade of your gas hot water system, you need to call the top gas plumbers.

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As the gas professionals, our team will give you the best in expert advice on all of your gas fitting needs.

You cannot leave your gas plumbing in the hands of just anyone, you need a professional and highly trained gas fitter to assist you on converting your lpg and natural gas appliances, Install your gas bbq, finding the best gas hot water system for your home and correctly install it or detecting that gas leak coming from your kitchen.

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Whatever gas issue you have, the best gas fitters are ready to help. The team at Hills District Plumbing are only one phone call away.

Gas plumbing needs to be handled carefully as any error can be fatal. A gas leak can happen at any time and its important you get fast action from a knowledgeable plumbing team that are licenced to carry out all gas works.

Hills District Plumbing will source the leak and repair it urgently, keeping you and your home out of harm's way.

Our licenced gas fitters will be able to issue you with a compliance certificate or badge after completed gas works. All gas works must comply with the Australian Standard of your state or territory.

So it is important that you find the right, qualified team for all of your gas works.

Having served the area as long as we have we're known as the best gas plumbers. They are able to ensure your gas appliances are fitted correctly and safely.

Obtaining a gas compliance certificate is crucial in all gas works carried out and the licenced gas fitters are qualified to certify their gas plumbing conversions and installations.

For all of your gas conversions, gas leaks, or new gas connections and gas hot water systems, there is no better team you can rely on for top-quality gas plumbing in your area.

If you need help with gas around your home or business, you need to call a licenced gas fitter.

You know your gas works will be carried out correctly, safely and according to Australian Standards with the help of our talented team. Your gas plumbing is in the best hands with the expert gas fitters.

Do not risk having your gas plumbing carried out by unlicensed and unqualified team. Doing so will result in your home or business being susceptible to gas leaks and faulty work.

For all emergency gas works, gas installations, gas repairs or gas hot water system installations and repairs, call the professional team. Your gas works will be carried out efficiently and to the highest quality as well as fully compliant with Australian standards.

For all of your gas plumbing needs, call the top gas plumbers in Hills District.

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